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About Eco Green Hosting

Eco Green Hosting started out as a company that provided green web hosting services to all types of businesses big or small. Eco Green Hosting has now grown to be a design and creative agency based in the South West of the UK, out of Bath and Bristol. Providing web design and creative services, web site maintenance and support, monthly contracts, blog writing, SEO and much more.

Our Leaf hosting package is perfect for a personal website or even a blog. Why pay more for what we think are some of the most feature rich hosting packages around. We only use the best server hardware & components. Plus, we only use energy efficient green servers ensuring consumption is kept to a minimal.


By separating hot and cold air flows, cooling is improved by up to 40%, reducing the footprint of our services. We use a managed power system to make sure that idle equipment does not consume unnecessarily resource.


All data center equipment is disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations. We operate paperless, all customer communication and billing is carried out electronically/online.

Carbon Offsetting

As the name suggests we are trying to counter the trend of a large number of the worlds carbon coming from IT equipment. The carbon emissions produced from the data center and equipment used is carefully calculated, so significantly more than that is absorbed by trees planted in Ransom Wood Business Park. By doing this we can offer companies, Sole Traders and individuals a carbon neutral-negative service.

Green Ethics

We all know we should be more sustainable these days, reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency is a great way to help with this. Companies from large to small should make some effort to reduce their carbon foot print. Since we started Eco Green Hosting we have been committed to being green, we are one of the only green web hosting providers in the South West.

No one ever really thinks about the impact the hosting industry has on the planet, the average server produces between 12-15 tonnes of Co2! We use Dell Super servers that are 20-30% less Co2 and also plant trees to counter balance any websites we host.

Contact us for Web Design, Logo Design, Web Site Maintenance, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Hosting Packages,Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated servers.

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