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Website Tools

At Eco Green Hosting all of our hosting packages include great tools in your control panel to make your life easier. Below is the tools we have to offer.

File Manager

Eco Green Hosting's file manager has many features to help you manage all of your files or folders to do with your website.

Scheduled Tasks

This enables you to run a program automatically on a server, set it to either run hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

This is for those of you who have used Microsoft FrontPage for the design of your web site, you will need to install Extensions to access all features.

Website Password Protection

With this you will be able to password protect a directory on your web site. Keeping these areas secret lets only the people who know the password have access.

Edit Website Password Protection

With this you can change, remove and update areas that are already password protected, including users.

Change Password

You can use this feature to change your passwords. Use it for FTP, FrontPage and SSH.

Backup Your Website

You can use this to download your web site as a handy zip file. It is very useful for making regular backups of your site and helping to prevent data loss.

Restore Website

You can use this to restore your web site using the zip file you downloaded via the backup option above.

Sub Domains

Sub domains let you have extensions of your main domain, it is very useful to have separate areas of your website. So you could have and then have a folder for this in your main directory. You can create simple hosting accounts by using sub domains in conjunction with additional FTP accounts.

Additional FTP Accounts

With Additional FTP accounts you can give access to others for the purposes of sharing a project or using an SEO company. Using this feature you don't give another user full control over the entire web site. You can specify their home directory so they can only edit files in that location.

Site Submission

You can use this to submit your web site to 10 search engines like Yahoo and Google.

IP Address Blocking

You can use this to block IP addresses from coming to your website.

Website Directory Auto Indexing

With this you can show the contents of your web directories as file listings or you can show them as a 403 error.

Web Space Checker

Use this simple feature to check how much web space you have used.

Ping, Trace and NSLookup

If you want to lookup, trace or ping a host name or IP address then this is for you.

Raw WhoIs

You can use this feature to show a full WHOIS of a domain name.


You can use this feature to try and tidy up an HTML page.

Javascript Generator

A great little tool to make your web site more interactive.

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